Maximum limits on export times suggested

16 May 2020

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By Josh Loeb

NO livestock exported from the UK should face journey times of more than 21 hours without explicit permission from the government, an expert group advising ministers has recommended.

The Animal Welfare Committee (AWC), formerly known as the Farm Animal Welfare Committee, said that longer journeys should normally be regarded as unjustifiable.

The recommendation was contained in a 400-page report written for the UK government and devolved administrations by the AWC and published in April.

The expert group, which is chaired by former RCVS president Peter Jinman, concluded that ‘until scientific evidence is provided, no animal should be exposed to journeys longer than 21 hours’.

It suggested that if firms transporting animals wanted to extend the journey time beyond the maximum 21-hour limit then they should be obliged to give reasons and obtain an official letter of dispensation from the APHA or equivalent devolved department.

Even then,...