Protocol for assessing imported cats

16 May 2020

Whitfield, V., Wright, I.

Vet Record Image

There has, rightly, been much focus recently on the risk of introducing foreign pathogens into the UK from imported rescue dogs and on protocols to limit this risk. One such example is the four pillars set out by the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) UK & Ireland, which encourages a thorough veterinary health check, screening for exotic parasites, tick and tapeworm treatment and physical screening for ticks. The aims of such protocols are to protect individual households into which these dogs are introduced, to make informed long-term medical decisions and to improve national biosecurity.

Although the numbers of cats being imported are smaller when compared with dogs, the RSPCA has been involved in a number of cases concerning imported cats and has sought advice from experts working in this field.

The following protocol has been used by the RSPCA for the assessment of cats with a...