Using judgement to balance risks

16 May 2020

Gliddon, T.

Vet Record Image

In response to Michael Smalley’s letter (VR, 2/9 May 2020, vol 186, p 497), I would like to support the BVA’s stance on its guidelines to the profession.

One must remember these are guidelines, not law, and must be interpreted by individual practices and practitioners using their professional judgement and common sense, taking into account their regional situation. Where there is little disease at present, as in the south west of England, it makes little sense to stop all business activity. We will be more challenged by this virus when lockdown is eased, and will in future have to exercise even more caution than at present.

As a director of an independent practice myself, I have been faced with some staff who will not come to work at all, and a septuagenarian I cannot keep away. One must respect the individual and their wishes in each case I feel.