And the winner is...

27 Jun 2020

Taylor, N.

Vet Record Image

Well, ‘gwapple me gwapenuts!’ It’s the late eighties. Lenny Henry’s on Tiswas and I’m up for a television award.

For some time, I’ve been the vet on BBC’s Saturday Superstore. Great fun, and now I find I’ve been nominated for the ‘most popular presenter on childrens’ TV’ award.

Nervously, I wait, as Kim Wilde, riding high in the charts back then, announces the results: ‘...and the winner is...David Bellamy!’

Britain’s most popular botanist crosses the line and beats me by a neck. That’s television for you!

Mind you, it’s always nice to be appreciated. A lot of young viewers had voted for me and I was having fun. After all, it’s not every vet who gets to hold regular in-studio consultations with Del Boy, Rodney and Trigger.

I think the BBC appreciated my popularity too. And it wasn’t long before they sent a film crew to my Plymouth practice...