Competition isnt a bad thing, say farmers

27 Jun 2020

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By Josh Loeb

British farmers should be willing to compete with imported food – including American chlorine-rinsed chicken and hormone-treated beef – provided it is clearly labelled.

That is the view of the Commercial Farmers Group (CFG), which promotes competitive and resilient UK agriculture.

However, the group, which recently released a 22-page report about post-Brexit agricultural policy, wants clearer labelling identifying differences in production standards.

It argues that British farmers should not necessarily be opposed to foreign agricultural competition, believing that proper labelling of products to show their provenance will help guide consumer choice.

However, the report does not spell out how such a system would operate in the catering sector, where the origins of ingredients tends to be more opaque.

Its report, ‘Commercial Farming: Delivering the UK’s new Agriculture Policies’, also voiced tentative approval of the use of growth hormones on some farms in America, saying there was...