Flattening the curve on Covid-19

27 Jun 2020

Roberts, C.

Vet Record Image

I share Dick Sibley and Joe Brownlie’s dismay regarding the government’s management of Covid-19 (VR, 18/25 April 2020, vol 186, pp 462-463). However, I also share the apparent scepticism of Richard Brown (VR, 16/23 May 2020, vol 186, pp 537-538) as to whether vets would have been any more successful in dealing with this pandemic than the medical profession. I do not believe that we would have been.

I also take issue with some of Sibley and Brownlie’s other points. First, they seem to disregard the successful preventive medicine initiatives that have improved human health today in terms of vaccination and disease screening, to name just two areas.

Sibley and Brownlie twice state that the idea of spreading the epidemic over a longer period is merely a strategy to delay deaths.

Surely, the aim of this approach, that of ‘flattening the curve’, is to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed...