Muslims could change minds on non-stunned meat

27 Jun 2020

Vet Record Image

Some halal meat consumers in the UK might be persuaded to switch to eating meat from stunned animals, new research suggests.

While 70 per cent of Muslim respondents to a survey expressed a preference for eating meat from non-stunned animals, just one in five said they regarded eating meat from animals stunned before slaughter as ‘haram or forbidden’.

The finding is noteworthy because it indicates that there is some flexibility among British Muslims when it comes to meat consumption.

Academic and animal welfare scientist Awal Fuseini, who together with a co-researcher surveyed a representative sample of 250 halal meat eaters in England, said the results, published in Vet Record (‘The ethics of Halal meat consumption: preferences of consumers in England according to the method of slaughter’, doi: 10.1136/vr.105287), underlined the need for engagement with the Muslim community.

Some will eat meat from stunned animals if a non-stun option is...