New diet for cats that reduces allergic reactions in people

27 Jun 2020

Vet Record Image

A diet for cats that can reduce allergic symptoms in people has been launched in the UK.

The new cat food, described as ‘revolutionary’ by Purina, is coated with an antibody that neutralises the most potent allergen in cat saliva, preventing it from being transferred to the cat’s hair when it grooms.

ProPlan LiveClear took 10 years to research and develop, and was launched last week.

Sensitivity to cats is the most common animal-origin allergy in people, with an estimated one in five adults being affected. Sensitivity is often the reason why cats are given up for rehoming.

Although cats produce several allergens, the most potent is Fel d1 – 95 per cent of people who are allergic to cats are sensitive to this allergen.

Fel d1 is produced in cat saliva and sebaceous glands and is transferred to the animal’s hair during grooming. Its small size and structure...