RCVS: 'Thank you for petition on racism

27 Jun 2020

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A petition demanding that the RCVS urgently launch an investigation into racism has garnered more than 1200 signatures, including from vets and prospective vets.

Launched on the website Change.org by Claire Burns, a campaigner from Sheerness in Kent, it is addressed directly to RCVS president Niall Connell.

We are the whitest profession in the UK

The petition says: ‘We suggest that the RCVS conduct and resource an in-depth review to investigate how racism pervades veterinary medicine and how structural disadvantage can be dismantled in veterinary organisations, businesses and vet schools. We are the whitest profession in the UK. Three per cent of veterinary professionals identify as black and minority ethnic in our industry (the national average of other ethnic workers is 14.4 per cent).’

In response, Connell pointed to the prior existence of a diversity and inclusion group, set up to ‘break down barriers’ in the recruitment of...