Comparing wound complications associated with midline and flank approaches for spaying cats

15 Feb 2020

Stavisky, J., Brennan, M.

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Bottom line

  • There is no evidence that either a flank or midline approach for spaying cats is consistently associated with more wound complications, and, overall, complication rates appear to be low.

  • Clinical scenario

    Miss Tabby brings you a colony of feral cats she has trapped in her garden to be neutered. The cats cannot be handled and will be monitored postoperatively by visual inspection from at least 10 feet away. She asks you if they can be spayed via a flank approach so that she will be able to see the incision site more easily.

    However, as the cats can only be monitored from a distance, and re-trapping after surgery would be difficult, any postoperative complications would be very difficult to address and could potentially pose a serious welfare concern. You wonder if using a flank approach would lead to more postoperative wound complications than a...