Driving improvement in practice

15 Feb 2020

Waters, A.

Vet Record Image

The veterinary sector is some way behind human healthcare when it comes to the quality improvement (QI) agenda.

Traditionally, veterinary professionals have relied on ad hoc and informal improvement methodologies, for example training and mentorship.

The profession now needs to up its game

But according to Rand Europe, a consultancy firm commissioned by RCVS Knowledge to assess the veterinary QI landscape last year, the profession now needs to up its game and commit to QI work more formally, like the NHS.

Animal owners are more knowledgeable than ever before–- and also rather complaint-happy – so vet professionals need a more structured and systematic approach to driving improvement and heading off these complaints, consultants argue.

Their report and suggested QI roadmap (see p 173), which was published last month, found vet professionals broadly keen on the concept (they see it as a force for good) but they are poorly...