Erysipelas septicaemia in piglets born to vaccinated gilts

15 Feb 2020

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SRUC VS disease Surveillance headlines, November 2019

  • Lymphoid leukaemia in a Charolais cross stirk.

  • Suspected salt poisoning/water deprivation in newly housed lambs.

  • Erysipelas septicaemia in piglets born to vaccinated gilts.

  • Valvular endocarditis leading to cardiac failure in an alpaca.

  • Focus on ovine Johne’s disease diagnoses in Scotland between 2005 and 2019.

  • November 2019 was a cold month with the mean temperature 1.4°C below the long-term average. It was unusually dry with only 62 per cent of average rainfall overall, but there was a marked regional split, with eastern areas cloudier and wetter than average, while the west was generally sunnier and much drier than usual.

    CattleGeneralised and systemic conditions

    A group of 125 homebred suckled calves were weaned, housed and introduced to a total mixed ration comprising grass silage, biscuit meal and barley. An intranasal respiratory virus vaccine and autogenous vaccines targeting...