Still no guarantee on welfare standards

15 Feb 2020

Vet Record Image

By Kathryn Clark

The government has again reiterated that it will not undermine the UK’s high animal welfare and environmental standards in pursuit of post-Brexit trade deals, but has stopped short of agreeing to enshrine this commitment in law.

In the House of Lords last week, crossbench veterinary peer Lord Trees asked how the government would safeguard animal welfare and environmental standards when negotiating trade deals on livestock products.

In response, Defra minister of state Lord Goldsmith referred to the Conservative Party’s manifesto commitment to not compromise on the UK’s high environmental protection, animal welfare and food standards in trade negotiations.

He said: ‘We will stand firm in trade negotiations to ensure that any future trade deals uphold the standards that farmers and consumers across the UK expect.’

Lord Trees then asked if the government would enshrine in law its manifesto commitment to require imported livestock products to meet...