The profession has a duty to support its farmers

15 Feb 2020

Parrish, K.

Vet Record Image

I was filled with great shame after reading the article ‘Climate change: "no get out of jail free card"’ by Pete Smith and Andrew Balmford (VR, 18 January 2020, vol 186, p 71).

The veterinary profession has evolved in harmony with the agriculture sector. Since the very beginning, vets have built their livelihoods based on the trust bestowed upon them by farmers, to support farmers in their efforts for healthy livestock and a sustainable future. In the 21st century, those of us working in the farm sector still pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we develop with our farm clients. Many clients, who we work alongside daily, become lifelong friends and mutual confidants. I wonder what they would make of this blame-ridden article.

With Veganuary growing every year and TV programmes misrepresenting British farming in the most infuriatingly biased broadcasts, livestock farmers have become the nations’ favourite...