Can the next RCVS president be changed?

14 Nov 2020

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By Josh Loeb

The suitability of David Argyle, the current RCVS junior vice president (JVP), to become the college’s next figurehead will be discussed at the next RCVS council meeting on 5 November.

He will make a statement at the meeting and council members will have an opportunity to put questions to him.

Vet Record understands there are several members of RCVS council who have concerns about Argyle becoming RCVS president amid allegations of bullying at The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (see VR, 17/24 October 2020, vol 187, pp 294–297; 31 October/7 November, vol 187, pp 334-335).

These members are understood to be considering bringing an action to block the move on procedural grounds.

What are the procedural issues?

Upon assuming the post of JVP, a council member is required to sign a self-certification declaration confirming that there are no outstanding matters in their professional, personal or...