'Complainants should not be anonymous, says RCVS

14 Nov 2020

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The investigation into allegations of bullying and harassment at Edinburgh university’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies will take place under RCVS disciplinary procedures, not the council complaints process.

Vet Record understands the college has received more than one formal complaint in support of the allegations and the linked matter of David Argyle’s (dean of the vet school) behaviour and suitability to sit on council and be the next president of the college.

But in a statement the RCVS confirmed that the investigation followed ‘a concern’ and that it would be handled under its ‘normal concerns investigation process’. This, the college confirmed, was the same as its case management or preliminary investigation process, used to investigate matters that concern a registrant’s fitness to practise.

This means that anyone giving evidence to the investigation will be identifiable to the RCVS and to Argyle and the University of Edinburgh (UoE).