Disease surveillance in England and Wales, October 2020

14 Nov 2020

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Highlights from the scanning surveillance networkCattle‘Tyre wire’ disease

The APHA and its partner postmortem examination providers continue to diagnose problems with ingestion of foreign bodies, most often caused by tyre wires. In England and Wales, 409 diagnoses of traumatic reticuloperitonitis have been made since 2002, with 333 (81.4 per cent) of the cases in dairy herds and 386 (94.4 per cent) in adult animals.

Three APHA Veterinary Investigation Centres (VICs) recently reported cases, including an unusual manifestation of disease at the APHA Carmarthen VIC.

Two dairy cows in a large herd were found recumbent. The herd was being fed a total mixed ration and it was reported that a new silage clamp had recently been started. Both animals died before treatment could be given and one of the cows was received for postmortem examination.

Fibrous adhesions were present between the liver, diaphragm, abdominal wall and abomasum. There...