Living safely with bats

14 Nov 2020

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Resources to help people reduce the risk of contracting a zoonotic disease from bats have been produced by the EcoHealth Alliance.

‘Living Safely with Bats’ comes in different regional versions and uses cartoons as well as text to reach people of all literacy levels.

Advice includes avoiding all contact with bats and their body fluids, and what to do if that is not possible, such as covering food.

The resources were highlighted by Billy Karesh, of the EcoHealth Alliance, who gave the Soulsby lecture at the sixth World One Health congress, which took place virtually from 30 October–3 November. Karesh emphasised that the key to controlling emerging diseases was prevention and early detection. A major component of prevention was education, communicated clearly.

The guidance was developed using technical advice and feedback from local teams in more than 15 countries as part of a USAID-funded project – PREDICT.

The EcoHealth...