More microbiological information for licensed live vaccines

14 Nov 2020

Millar, B. C., Moore, J. E.

Vet Record Image

The summary of product characteristics (SPC) is an important document that supplies key information for vets on how to use veterinary medicinal products safely and effectively. The marketing authorisation holder is responsible for the SPC and product literature of an authorised veterinary medicinal product, as set out in the marketing authorisation, and where the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) approves the SPC.

A recent product search of the VMD’s product information database1 under the therapeutic group ‘live bacterial vaccine’, details 21 currently licensed products, containing 10 live organism vaccines for use with several target species. Of these 21 products, nine SPCs contain antimicrobial susceptibility data relating to their product, while in the remainder there is no antimicrobial susceptibility data mentioned.

The SPCs of the live vaccines should quantitatively define the antimicrobial susceptibility of the specific vaccine strains

Given the potential for zoonotic transmission of live bacterial vaccine...