Need for anonymity over bullying allegations

14 Nov 2020


Vet Record Image

As someone who thinks they have been bullied at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (R[D]SVS), I would like to answer the issues raised in last week’s Vet Record (31 October/7 November 2020, vol 187, pp 362–363) by Eleanor Ferguson and Maureen Aitken simultaneously, because they are linked.

In her letter, Ferguson states: ‘We know that the University of Edinburgh takes any such accusations [of bullying] extremely seriously.’ How does she know? To my knowledge there has not been any other case of alleged bullying at the R(D)SVS that has been made known to the RCVS, so how is she so confident that the university is handling the issue properly? From my perch, the university is covering up the situation and Ferguson is simply repeating what the university would like the profession, and the RCVS, to believe.

Aitken’s opinions are important and relevant. However, her concern that ‘the...