New surgical implant for dogs with humeral intracondylar fissure

14 Nov 2020

Vet Record Image

A new surgical implant system called the ‘humeral intracondylar repair system’ (HIRS) has been used successfully to treat dogs suffering from humeral intracondylar fissure (HIF).

HIF is a condition most often seen in spaniel breeds, particularly the English springer spaniel.

CVS veterinary specialists John Innes and Ben Walton (pictured left and right, respectively) designed and tested the implant, and a paper describing its use on over 40 dogs, has been published online by the Journal of Small Animal Practice (

The system comprises a dual-diameter drill bit that creates a hole for the implant, and a void that is packed with bone allograft (canine demineralised bone matrix) to induce healing. The authors explain that the implant is headless to reduce soft-tissue irritation, is self-compressing to better stabilise the fissure, and is made of titanium alloy for its superior mechanical and biological properties.

Lead author Walton says: ‘John...