RCVS council discusses plans to rebuild trust

14 Nov 2020

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By Josh Loeb

A draft action plan aimed at ‘rebuilding trust’ on RCVS council and ‘mitigating future risk’ was presented at the most recent council meeting.

RCVS CEO Lizzie Lockett told the meeting on 5 November that the plan – which followed fallout from an investigation into alleged leaks from council – did not contain new information but was an attempt to flesh out previously proposed actions to improve the workings of council.

A paper presented by Lockett listed several proposals, ranging from encouraging the use of online ‘social spaces’ during the period of Covid-19 restrictions to introducing training on the ‘Nolan principles’ of public life and a possible review of the current code of conduct for council members to check whether this was ‘still fit for purpose’.

The Nolan principles outline ethical standards expected of public office holders. Among other things, they state that holders of public office...