Recycyling PPE

14 Nov 2020

Vet Record Image

VetPartners has launched its first environmental project to recycle personal protective equipment (PPE) by trialling zero waste boxes at 130 of its largest practices across the UK.

All types of PPE, including masks, gloves and aprons worn by clinical team members when treating patients, can be disposed of in the boxes, as long as they are not contaminated with animal, pharmaceutical or liquid waste.

The boxes are provided by TerraCycle, a company that specialises in hard-to-recycle waste. Once full, the boxes, which are themselves recyclable, are collected and quarantined for 72 hours to ensure they are Covid-19-safe, before the contents are separated into their individual components for recycling. Materials like plastics and metals are reprocessed into new materials for items such as furniture, garden accessories and playground equipment, and any paper and organic fibres that cannot be reprocessed are composted.

If the trial goes well, the group says it...