Tackling TB infection across all species

14 Nov 2020


Vet Record Image

Vet Record must be congratulated on its excellent timing in publishing the debate article by Gallagher and colleagues ‘Is our bTB policy one of the worst attempts to control a major notifiable disease ever seen?’ and the news report ‘EU fines UK for lack of progress on bTB eradication’ (VR, 3/10 October 2020, vol 187, pp 250, 281).

This penalty from the EU has occurred despite the valiant efforts of APHA veterinary inspectors, their predecessors in the State Veterinary Service and practising veterinary surgeons.

As far as I am aware, all countries that have successfully controlled or even eradicated bTB have only done so by tackling the problem in all infected species, both domestic and wild. Many policies have come and gone, usually with negative results as, in my opinion, they have not properly addressed the issue in all of the infected species. Most of this lack of...