Trade commission to have statutory footing

14 Nov 2020

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By Josh Loeb

The BVA has welcomed the government’s decision to bolster the Trade and Agriculture Commission, which scrutinises post-Brexit trade deals, describing the move as a ‘very important step’.

The government bowed to pressure on the issue after peers in the House of Lords sent a message to ministers by tabling an amendment to the Agriculture Bill calling for the commission to be placed on a more permanent and statutory footing.

Animal welfare organisations had previously expressed concern that the commission was merely advisory and that its lifespan was too time limited – having been created by the government in June, it had been meant to last for just six months, but it will now continue its work for at least three years, at which point the continued need for it will be ‘reviewed’.

BVA president James Russell said the association had ‘repeatedly called for the government to...