Vet drug innovation

14 Nov 2020

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Stonehaven Incubate and Agile Sciences have launched a new company – Anifera – which, they say, is aimed at revolutionising the use of antibiotics in animal health. Anifera will have the exclusive rights to manufacture, develop and commercialise the Agilyte family of compounds, which have been shown to increase the susceptibility of highly resistant strains of bacteria to antibiotics, thereby requiring the use of fewer antibiotics and for less time.

Boehringer Ingelheim has partnered with Henke-Sass, Wolf to develop an innovative intramuscular needle-free vaccine injection tool for use in pigs around weaning age until the end of nursery stage. The novel device will be available from December 2020 under two different brands FreVAX (through Boehringer Ingelheim) and EPIG (through Henke-Sass, Wolf).

The Pirbright Institute has announced it is to work with ECO Animal Health Group (ECO) to develop vaccine candidates for porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome virus (PRRSV). PRRSV...