Government to crack down on puppy smuggling

28 Nov 2020

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By Josh Loeb

Defra has dropped hints that it has multiple plans for a post-Brexit crackdown on puppy smuggling.

During an inquiry by parliament’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee into puppy smuggling on 24 November, environment minister Zac Goldsmith said there were ‘compelling’ arguments for raising the minimum age at which puppies can be imported into the UK.

He added that new limits on the maximum number of dogs that individuals are allowed to bring in under pet travel rules was something the government was ‘looking at very closely’.

In addition, he said the government was ‘completely committed’ to tougher sentencing of smugglers.

Currently the UK is aligned with EU rules on the movement of dogs. Brexit provides a potential opportunity to create new and tougher rules around the movement of dogs into the UK.

Under the current system, puppies must be a minimum of 15 weeks of...