Idiopathic necrotising enteritis diagnosed in beef herds in Scotland

28 Nov 2020

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SRUC VS disease Surveillance headlines, August 2020

  • Idiopathic necrotising enteritis in suckled calves.

  • Mortality in goats due to haemonchosis and teladorsagiosis.

  • Progressive paresis in north country Cheviot lambs.

  • Dermanyssus gallinae causing anaemia and death in brahma chicks.

  • The mean temperature in Scotland for August was 0.5°C above the long-term average. Across Scotland as a whole sunshine and rainfall were both near normal, with 100 per cent of average rainfall and 96 per cent of average sunshine. Regional differences were apparent with cloudy and wet conditions in the south and central belt.

    CattleParasitic diseases

    A group of six-month-old Jersey cross calves were turned out onto a field previously grazed by cattle and sheep. Silage and concentrates were fed both during housing and at grass. Despite this, signs of illthrift were observed from two weeks following turnout. Two calves were found dead after one month...