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28 Nov 2020

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Urine dipsticks do not reliably detect feline proteinuria

J Pérez-Accino, L Bernabe, E Manzanilla and others

Journal of Small Animal Practice (2020) 61, 541–6

doi: 10.1111/jsap.13184

• What did the research find?

There was poor diagnostic agreement between the results of the urine dipstick test and the urine protein-creatinine (UPC) ratio. The dipstick had reasonable sensitivity for detecting proteinuria in cats (81 per cent), but the specificity was very poor (31 per cent). Grouping the samples by urine specific gravity (USG) did not increase the dipstick’s agreement with the UPC ratio and only resulted in a slight improvement in the accuracy of proteinuria detection.

• How was it conducted?

The medical records of 121 cats that underwent comprehensive urinalysis (including dipstick evaluation, USG measurement and UPC determination) at a single referral hospital between 2011 and 2017 were reviewed. Diagnostic agreement with the UPC ratio and test accuracy were calculated...