VMD investigating canine fertility clinics

28 Nov 2020

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The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is taking a ‘keen interest’ in the proliferation of canine fertility clinics, many of which are suspected of possessing illegal medicines, a member of the regulator’s enforcement team has said.

In a short presentation entitled ‘A dog, a bitch and an endoscope: canine fertility clinics’ at the VMD’s annual open day on 18 November, enforcement officer Andy Parker revealed that monthly meetings had been set up with the RCVS, the RSPCA and local trading standards officers from around the country to ‘discuss ongoing cases and to share intelligence’.

He told the audience at the event: ‘Since the end of 2018, the VMD, alongside the Defra Investigation Service, has been investigating the rapid increase in canine fertility clinics springing up across the country.

‘This is a growth industry which involves the artificial insemination of bitches using stud dogs. These stud dogs are often provided by...