Working equids: linking human and animal welfare

28 Nov 2020

Tadich, T. A.

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Working equids continue to be an essential component of the livelihoods of millions of families worldwide, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.1 These animals provide a critical support system to the households that rely on them, with a central pillar of this support system being the money they generate – both directly and indirectly – and the savings their owners make by using them.2 Working equids can therefore be considered as part of the financial, physical and social capital of their owners,3 as well as a central axis for building resilience capacity.4

Working equids perform a variety of roles, including transporting people and their products to local markets, transporting water, participating in religious ceremonies, the mining industry, construction, tourism, equid-assisted therapies, forestry, agriculture and disaster relief as well as acting as companion animals.

However, the specific activities in which horses, donkeys...