Zoo and exotics CPD

28 Nov 2020

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Vet Sarah Chapman and her husband Julian, an experienced zoo keeper, are currently running onlin CPD for vets, vet nurses, vet students and zoo professionals. Chapman Zoo Consultancy’s courses are for vet professionals who provide services to zoos or private owners while working in general practice, enabling them to keep up to date with legislation and the latest clinical care. ‘How to survive exotics in practice’ is on 9 December; ‘Working with dangerous animals’ will be held on 10 March 2021, and ‘Modern zoo animal health management’ on 16 and 17 March 2021. The consultancy can also provide bespoke training for vet practices or zoos on topics such as wild and exotic animal care, zoonotic diseases and biosecurity. Further information can be found at www.chapmanzooconsultancy.com or by emailing Sarah Chapman at [email protected]