Policy priorities for 2020/21

25 Jul 2020

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Council members were invited to suggest possible priority policy areas for BVA in the coming Association year (2020/21). The meeting heard that good progress was being made on all of the priorities agreed for 2019/20 until the introduction of government restrictions around coronavirus. BVA had then redirected its resources to focus on providing support, guidance and campaigning for the veterinary profession around Covid-19, meaning that it would not be possible to complete all the 2019/20 priorities.

Several Council members commented that, given the current circumstances, BVA could use 2020/21 as a period of reflection. Sally Wilson (BCVA) said BVA had just completed some ‘massive pieces of work’, and should perhaps take time to consolidate and make progress with these.

Adrienne Conroy (Association of Government Vets) agreed. BVA had done some ‘very good work’ recently and rather than take on big new issues, perhaps it could review previously agreed policies...