Rapid access to high-resolution in-practice cytology

25 Jul 2020

Vet Record Image

SYNLAB’s Veterinary Pathology Group (VPG) is offering a digital platform for faster in-practice cytology processing using high-resolution slide imaging.

The company has exclusive rights for ScopioVet scanners, which have been installed in a number of referral practices. These enable vets to send digital cytology and haematology images to a global network of leading clinical pathologists. With 24/7 access to clinical interpretation of slide samples and turnaround of results in one hour, VPG says the scanners signal a game changer for veterinary practice, providing reassurance to clients and informing treatment options through rapid access to quality diagnostics.

The ScopioVet high-resolution scanner uses computational photography that has been fully approved for cytological diagnosis by VPG pathologists as part of a robust clinical validation process.

Andrew Torrance, managing director at VPG, said: ‘We have been evaluating digital cytology platforms for some time and are delighted to have the exclusive distribution rights for...