Sudden deaths in multiple lambs due to lamb dysentery

25 Jul 2020

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SRUC VS disease Surveillance headlines, April 2020

  • Losses due to hypogammaglobulinaemia and colisepticaemia in beef calves on multiple holdings.

  • Atresia jejuni in an Aberdeen Angus calf.

  • Multiple deaths of lambs due to lamb dysentery despite prelambing vaccination of ewes.

  • Outbreak of duck viral enteritis in a flock of Muscovy ducks.

  • The mean temperature in Scotland in April was 0.9°C above the long-term average. It was the third driest April in a series from 1862 and the sunniest April in a series from 1929, with 31 per cent of average rainfall and 151 per cent of average sunshine.

    CattleGeneralised and systemic conditions

    Colisepticaemia associated with hypogammaglobulinaemia was confirmed as the cause of calf death in three beef herds in south-west Scotland. Predisposing factors for poor colostrum intakes were identified in all cases.

    In the first herd, a four-day-old shorthorn calf was found dead and...