Women as business owners

25 Jul 2020

Hedley, K.

Vet Record Image

Last year I conducted research on women veterinarians and practice ownership (VR, 27 July 2019, vol 185, pp 113-114). I am now expanding the remit of the project in my role as chief operating officer at XLVets. As a result, I am looking for female vets to share their thoughts on ownership and the wider aspects of leadership. The research will be conducted in a series of focus groups and interviews using video conferencing during early August. Both business owners and non-business owners are invited to take part.

The previous findings identified that there are both barriers and enablers to leadership and XLVets practices have been working to ensure that the path to leadership can be opened up to more women.

Enablers to ownership include finding the right practice – smaller practices with flexible approaches to partnership encouraged women to see that ownership was a possibility. Another enabler is...