Would diversity quotas work for the profession?

25 Jul 2020

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Quotas and positive discrimination might be worth considering as part of efforts to speed up the process of making the veterinary profession more diverse, experts have suggested.

Research psychologist Pete Jones, who is an expert in unconscious bias and who has developed tools to help curb racial prejudice in workplaces, told Vet Record that he was ‘coming round to the idea’ of discriminating in favour of candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds in order to boost diversity.

Positive discrimination – whereby particular candidates are given preferential treatment in employment processes based on their ethnic background – has been used in the USA and the police service in Northern Ireland.

In an interview with Vet Record, Jones said that positive discrimination and quotas could create significant problems, such as applicants selected under positive discrimination or quotas suffering adverse reactions from others or doubts they were up to the job.

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