BVA calls for species-specific welfare needs to be respected at slaughter

05 Sep 2020

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By Josh Loeb

The BVA is calling for more consideration to be given to different species’ individual needs as part of a further shift away from one-size-fits-all approaches to welfare at slaughter.

The association’s new policy document, entitled ‘BVA position on the welfare of animals at slaughter’, contains in-depth analysis of different methods for dispatching animals based on their particular needs (see box on p 167). The move is consistent with wider efforts to tailor slaughtering infrastructure in increasingly specialised ways.

Species-specific slaughter

Proposals for bespoke slaughtering methods to be used for different species include:


Electrical waterbath stunning of poultry should be phased out and replaced with recoverable stunning alternatives (eg, gas), owing to welfare issues that can arise from live shackling and inversion of birds preslaughter and, in some cases, wrong electrical frequencies being used.


Use of a free-bullet firearm or...