Comparing survival times in cattle with a left displaced abomasum treated with roll-and-toggle correction or right pyloro-omentopexy

05 Sep 2020

Morrow, L., Brennan, M.

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Bottom line

  • The evidence suggests that there is no difference in survival time between cattle with a left displaced abomasum (LDA) treated using the roll-and-toggle technique and those with an LDA treated using pyloro-omentopexy. Therefore, the choice of approach should be based on the surgeon’s/farmer’s preference and practice/farm management guidelines.

  • Clinical scenario

    One of your clients, Mr Bradford, calls and states that he thinks he might have a cow with a left displaced abomasum (LDA). You visit the farm, perform an examination and congratulate Mr Bradford on his deduction.

    Mr Bradford is keen for a correction to be performed as the cow is one of his best milkers and he would like to give her the best possible chance of survival. You have had experience performing both the roll-and-toggle technique and right pyloro-omentopexy, and you discuss the risks and benefits associated with these two approaches. Mr...