Disease surveillance in England and Wales, August 2020

05 Sep 2020

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APHA disease Surveillance report headlines

  • Cerebrocortical necrosis in dairy cows

  • Alert for myiasis caused by the spotted flesh fly

  • Mycoplasma hyosynoviae arthritis in replacement gilts

  • Cataracts in broiler breeders

  • Focus on negated bluetongue virus cases in small ruminants

  • Highlights from the scanning surveillance networkCattlePolioencephalomalacia/cerebrocortical necrosis in dairy cows

    Acute onset blindness, staggering and ataxia, leading to recumbency, were reported in a 26-month-old dairy cow that had calved three months previously. The animal was on a diet of grass and receiving 2 kg per day of concentrate.

    The cow was euthanased and its head was submitted for examination. This revealed changes affecting the brain; the cerebral gyri were swollen and there was generalised slight yellowing and also mild coning of the cerebellum. A minimal autofluorescence of the cerebral hemispheres was observed when the brain was viewed under ultraviolet light.

    Histopathology confirmed lesions of...