Practices encouraged to invest to survive in post-Covid era

05 Sep 2020

Vet Record Image

By Matthew Limb

Vet practices must keep improving ‘the client experience’ as they recover from the Covid-19 emergency and not blame the crisis for failing to invest, say experts.

‘If we don’t do that, people may decide not to have this care, or seek out other ways of providing care,’ Paul Mataras, managing director of Boston Veterinary Group, told a digital veterinary summit hosted in the USA.

Jonathan Lustgarten, a biomedical informatics specialist with VCA Animal Hospitals, said if clients could not physically enter vet practice premises in the post-acute or ‘chronic’ phase of the pandemic, many may perceive a remote consultation to be a ‘lesser’ service and might be unwilling to pay the same fees. A remote service therefore needed to be an enhanced offering to encourage clients to value it and consider it worth paying for.

‘The excuse that it’s just Covid, or just whatever, only works...