Smart lighting can help calm pigs

05 Sep 2020

Vet Record Image

Intelligent lighting, linked to microphones that can detect aggression in pigs is being tested to see if it could improve animal welfare.

Lighting technology company Greengage is working with BQP (British Quality Pigs) on a trial using lighting and acoustic sensor technology.

The ‘Grunty’ sensor is helping to develop algorithms that can differentiate between ‘happy’ or normal sounds within a shed and aggression. In the trial, the acoustic sensor is linked with the lighting system to automatically adjust the lighting when aggression is predicted or detected as occurring.

Greengage has installed lighting in two identical sheds of a BQP grower in Suffolk. Light intensity and colour spectrums are being studied as a potential way to manage tail biting among the pigs in the sheds. The first shed has just white lights, and the second both white and blue. Both sheds have a ‘dawn to dusk’ controller that allows lighting...