Using veterinary expertise

05 Sep 2020

Andrews, A. H.

Vet Record Image

The letter from Alex Donaldson ‘Does wearing masks offer protection against viruses?’ (VR, 8/15 August 2020, vol 187, p 119) possibly contains a subliminal admonishment within it for the human medical community.

Scientific method normally means that a question is asked, a complete literature review is undertaken concerning the subject and the relevant original papers consulted. It is not unusual in these days of search engines for some researchers to confine their search to the publications surfaced by this means. In consequence, a wealth of potential pertinent material is overlooked, leading to a waste of time, money and resources.

In addition, I believe that most veterinarians and those concerned with animals and their health subscribe to the principle of One Health. However, at times one does wonder how much this same principle is accepted and, more importantly, acted upon by those involved in human health, especially at the start...