Nigel Spencer, director of fundraising for PDSA, responds

17 Oct 2020

Spencer, N.

Vet Record Image

PDSA’s founder, Maria Dickin, devoted her life to helping animals in need. In 1943 she introduced the PDSA Dickin Medal. She believed that by raising the status of animals in society, it would help improve their treatment and welfare.

Today, alongside our core work helping the sick and injured pets of people in need, we continue Dickin’s mission through our animal awards programme. We recognise animals of all shapes and sizes for their varied and valuable contributions to society, ensuring their legacy lives on.

Over the years, dogs and other animals have played a vital role in military operations. They bring invaluable skills that people often cannot replicate. We have honoured some of these animals, such as retired military working dog Kuno, with the PDSA Dickin Medal.

We respect that individuals may have differing views on how this award should best be described and may have strong views on...