Rebuilding trust within RCVS council

17 Oct 2020

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A ‘general direction of travel’ towards ‘rebuilding trust and mitigating future risk’ has been approved by RCVS council amid the fallout from an investigation into alleged leaks.

At its meeting last week, members were asked to consider a paper authored by RCVS CEO Lizzie Lockett.

It set out proposals such as ‘tightening’ access to council lunches – possibly excluding journalists – alongside tougher security surrounding information and appraisals for council members.

Under the vision, members of RCVS council could be invited to vote on fewer items, since, according to the paper, voting ‘can be divisive’.

The suggestions follow confirmation from the college that it commissioned a retired senior police officer to investigate council members in a bid to pinpoint the source of alleged leaks of confidential information to third parties (VR, 19/26 September 2020, vol 187, p 208). The probe concluded without a culprit being identified.

An RCVS press...