Taskforce to define veterinary nursing disbanded

17 Oct 2020

Vet Record Image

A project to come up with a definition of veterinary nursing has been postponed – but longstanding discussions about Schedule 3 delegation powers continue to rumble on.

Vet Record reported last year that a special taskforce, made up of members of the BVA and the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA), was poised to be established to examine what the vet nurse role would look like if there were no legislative barriers (VR, 23 November 2019, vol 185, p 611, 615).

It was introduced at BVNA congress last year by Robin Millar, who at the time was the association’s strategic director. Millar has since left the BVNA, having been elected as the Conservative MP for Aberconwy at the last election.

Vet professionals were to be invited to contribute their ideas to the taskforce this year, with key questions to be explored including how nursing roles could be advanced so that...