Time for your marathon moment, class of 2020

17 Oct 2020

Taylor, N.

Vet Record Image

There’s a moment, as you pull off the black bin liner that’s been keeping you warm, when, with a sharp intake of chilly, early morning Blackheath air, you suddenly realise the enormity of what you’ve taken on. Stretched out ahead, as far as you can see, are over 35,000 people and 26.2 miles. Yes, you’re on the starting line of the London Marathon!

I guess we all feel like that, nervous and not a little excited, when we first join the veterinary profession as a new graduate.

What are those first few miles of our professional journey going to be like? We’ve spent ages training but there’s still the uncertainty of those early steps. Will it be like a controlled gentle jog of Parkrun proportions or a calamitous hamstring-tearing, adrenaline-fuelled sprint that sees you drop out before you’ve covered the first mile or two.

Those early days in that...