Tool to help evaluate the risk of Cushings syndrome in dogs

17 Oct 2020

Vet Record Image

A tool that can be used to evaluate the risk of Cushing’s syndrome in dogs is now available for vets.

Developed by researchers within the VetCompass team at the Royal Veterinary College, the tool uses 10 ‘predictive’ factors for Cushing’s syndrome and reports the probability of an individual dog having the condition, based on these factors. This supports vets’ decision making and helps to increase confidence in diagnosis.

Although the classical clinical signs associated with the disease are well reported, Cushing’s can be difficult to diagnose because the signs are often non-specific to the disease, the researchers say. VetCompass acknowledges the availability of anonymised data from the hundreds of dogs tested for Cushing’s syndrome across 886 UK veterinary practices, which made development of the tool possible. The work is published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, and details of how to use the tool are available at