Veterinary contribution to Covid-19 pandemic

17 Oct 2020

Russell, J.

Vet Record Image

I’d like to respond to John Mackinnon (VR, 3/10 October 2020, vol 187, pp 277–278) who suggests that veterinary expertise has been overlooked in the fight against Covid-19 and that this is a result of the profession (and by extension the BVA and the RCVS) being too small animal focused.

Vets have played a critical role in the UK’s response to Covid-19 – from our role in keeping the country’s food supply going, to offering PPE and ventilators at a local level, to caring for the nation’s pets in difficult circumstances at a time when the mental health benefits of pet ownership have probably never been more important.

Behind the scenes, our colleagues in government – led by our excellent chief veterinary officers – have been in frequent dialogue with their human health counterparts and, as public health experts, our members working in the Food Standards Agency, Food Standards...