Back to vet practice CPD courses

Returning to practice after a career break can be daunting. Our Back to Practice CPD series aims to increase confidence, skills and support for those returning from a career break. The courses will refresh and update delegates’ knowledge and ease their transition back into working life.

“For me the main challenge about returning to practice was the self-confidence. Not only in my knowledge but also in my people skills. Many of those skills hadn’t gone and the knowledge was still there but a course like the ‘Back to Practice’ series would have helped me prepare and feel more confident in what I knew and how to apply it.”

Natalie Russell, a companion animal vet on her experience of returning after maternity leave.

A range of courses to suit your needs

The series consists of one non-clinical course, followed by 5 clinical courses in a wide range of topics. The speakers will update you on any changes since you were last in practice, and will refresh your knowledge in key areas.

You can book to attend the courses individually or go through a series of courses together to help build a support network of fellow vets.

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3 for the price of 2

Offering great value for money, this promotion provides one free course to those booking three.

News: New BVA support for vets returning to practice after a career break

Back to practice series 2018

Non-clinical course

  • Return to work with confidence and clarity - 20 February 2018, London

Clinical courses

  • Top companion animal emergencies - 09 May 2018, London
  • Itchy and scratchy – refresher on dermatology - 03 July 2018, London
  • What's new in veterinary medicines? - 06 September 2018, London
  • Ophthalmology – a refresher in common conditions and drugs - 22 October 2018, London

Online returning to work online CPD from RVC

Career break returners may also be interested in the discounted RVC online CPD courses for BVA members.